Body Instinct Yoga ® during pregnancy


The way to a blissfull, aware and self-paced birthing experience


The goal of my work with pregnant women is that more and more women can have the wonderful experience of a blissfull, aware and self-paced birthing experience.

Both of my own deliveries were amazingly wonderful and due to that enforcing. My extremly positive birthing experiences and being present at about 400/500 deliveries were key experiences for the development of my work with pregnancy and delivery.


In addition I am especially infuenced by the fantastic work of the gynaecologist and scientist ( Primal health research center) Michel Odent and by my mom. My mom was a midwife who engaged already in the late seventies with the subject of birthing without violence.


Excerpt from my courses Body Instinct Yoga ® during pregnancy:

- Background-knowledge that support a positive birthing experience

- Reports of wonderful and blissfull birthing experiences (and what was "the tool" for it)

- Learning the art of relaxation through guided, meditative deep relaxation practises and special yogic breathing exercises

- special breathing exercises in order to learn a different pain management

- the physical focus is the prevention of back pain/ relieving back pains with special asanas (yogic exercises)


The pregnant women in my BIY® Kursen benefit not only from my prenatal Yoga-work since 1995 and my own two extremly wonderful and enforcing deliveries. Those were key experiences for my work to start.

They also benefit from my work as "midwife on call" where I was present at 400/500 deliveries. (The "midwife on call" is nowadays only allowed by midwives who have the diploma).


Many midwifes recommend the BIY® courses as they see the difference in the delivery room.

Next to the goal of many more happy and self-paced birthing experiences to come, common pregnancy problems as back pains etc dissapear by practising BIY® Yoga.